Your Therapy Logo: The Ultimate Guide

Ultimate Guide to your therapist logo

You hear all about logos for businesses. But is it practical for your therapy practice?

The answer is a huge YES! A logo is a cornerstone of your branding strategy. While you will not fail without one, you need a logo to grow and prosper in your therapy practice. Without it, you are not marketing nearly as effectively as you should.

By the time you finish this guide, you will have everything you need to work on a professional logo design. We will even tell you some clever ways to stand out from your competition with your logo at the end!

Chapter 1: What Are the Benefits of a Well-designed logo?

A logo is a memory cue. Every time someone sees the logo, they remember how they felt whenever they saw that logo. A professionally designed logo is more than that. It is designed to grab the right client’s attention in a sea of distractions. It lends credibility and tells a story.

They are also better designed! They are not stiff and generic, like the ones in logo builders. They are designed in printable colors, and they scale to the right sizes. A professional even gives you multiple formats so you can use them anywhere!

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Logos can be broken down into seven general types. Each one has a specific audience to appeal to, tone, and challenges to their use. We go into the pros and cons of each later in the guide.

 The type of logo you choose will make a massive impact on how you can use them and the tone you set for your business. We highly encourage you to investigate each one in more depth to see which is the best fit.

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Chapter Three: How to Find Inspiration For Your Therapist Logo

You want your logo to stand out. Luckily, inspiration is quite literally everywhere! You can sketch it out. You can mind map. You can go out and study what your clients see every day. Even a brisk walk can spark some amazing ideas you will not find at your desk.

We will provide many amazing ideas and resources later in this guide. Make sure to explore a few of them before you start into a professional logo design.

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No two logos work the same. What might work great for one therapy practice could be a terrible choice for another practice. What might resonate with one audience will fall flat with another. So how do you know what will work for your therapy practice?

In this chapter, we’ll walk you through the six steps of  creating the right logo for *your* private practice. Access it HERE.

Chapter Five: How to Find and work with a professional Logo Designer

therapist logo graphic design

We cannot emphasize enough how important a good logo designer is. They have the training, practice, and experience to design the absolute best logo possible for your therapy practice. Even so, there is a process to a great experience!

First, you want to make sure the designer IS a professional. Professionals study and hone their craft constantly. They have mountains of on the job training and experience to enhance your logo design experience. However, there are hundreds of moonlighters and amateurs out there. You must do your homework. Make sure they have the portfolio, referrals, and background a professional should.

Read about the rest of the process from start to finish HERE

Chapter Six: How to Use Your Therapy Practice Logo in Branding

Your logo is only as good as the effort you put into getting it out there. It is not enough to just put it on your website. You need to link it to as many memories and experiences as possible to make a lasting impression. This is the secret ingredient to effective logo use.

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Chapter Seven: The Therapist Logo Example Library

I’m a big believer in learning by example, and with logos especially, there is no more effective way to imagine what might be possible for YOUR private practice, then by seeing real life examples of what other therapists have done for THEIR therapy logos. 

That’s why I put together this library of therapist logo examples, which I hope you will both enjoy and learn from!

See the article HERE!

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