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Therapist logo ideas to provide inspiration for your private practice can be found all around you. But what logos would be relevant to your business? There are dozens of different ways you can narrow down a galaxy worth of ideas into a handful of shining stars. Let’s go over a few great ones to get you started.

Keep in mind, there is no wrong way to find logo inspiration. Pick 2-3 of your favorite methods from this list to start out, and see where things go! (And don’t forget to check out our Therapist Logo Examples Chapter too!)

Mind Map with Your Private Practice in Mind

mind map

Mind mapping is taking all the random things in your head and putting them on paper- or a computer screen if you prefer.

Start out by writing down everything you can think of about your business. A few examples of things you can jot down are:

  • Your motto
  • Your ideal clients
  • The colors you use on your website
  • The services you provide
  • The types of therapy you specialize in
  • The things that make you different from your competition
  • Some of the things you hear repeated by clients a lot (“I feel accepted here.” “Your rooms are so welcoming.” “It feels like you really listen to me.”)
  • Doodles of concepts and designs

You can do this in a notebook, or you can use special mind mapping apps like Mindmeister to organize it for you. You can make outlines, thought clusters, or a chaotic page crammed in random notes and fonts. There is no ‘right’ way to map out your thoughts.

This logo inspiration serves two purposes! You take all these abstract thoughts and put them where you can see them. And you have notes to give to a professional logo designer! They can take these notes and messages and convey them into visual form.

Study What Other Therapists Are Doing


For some therapist logo ideas that actually works, you can look at other therapists who offer similar services. What sorts of logos do they use? What colors stand out the best? What do they do right (and wrong!) with their logo image and branding? What do their logos say to you about their practices?

Observing the best and worst qualities of other therapy logos is a great way to train your brain into a mindset for your own logo design. You can see:

  • How different logo types affect the overall look and tone for their businesses.
  • Pitfalls to avoid in your own design.
  • The fonts and colors that strike the right tone for your own therapy practice.
  • Symbols and designs that appeal to you and your message

Do not stop at local therapists. Are there major influencers that you admire? Do you follow someone’s podcasts or YouTube lessons? Do you follow a leading expert in your field? For some creative therapist logo inspiration, you should study what they do with their logo and branding too!

Check out Designer Sites

Gather Inspiration

For therapist logo ideas, there are lots of great sites where you can see logos from a designer’s perspective. The great advantage is you specifically see a curated list of real logos, which cuts out the clutter of a web browser image search.  Here are a few simple but effective ones to get your inspiration flowing!

Logoed: A single-page archive of logo designs. When you click the logo, you see several variants of the design, how it looks as signage in real locations, and on marketing materials. It is a great way to see how different logo types, colors, and fonts impact an image.

Logospire: Offers an infinite scroll of attractive logos. Clicking them brings you to the designer’s website. If the designer is out of your budget, you can take screenshots to show me! I have an affordable rate for logo design [link to contact page or price guide].

Logopond: This logo collection site lets you search for logos by title and tag! You can look up types of logos, colors, and symbols to see inspiring images relevant to your therapy practice.

Check out what is working. What catches your eye? What do you enjoy looking at? Save or take screenshots of some that resonate with you as therapist logo ideas that could work for you. This will help you during the design phase of your logo, because you can plan that design around images you see and enjoy!

Check Out Visual Sites

logo inspiration

While designer sites are excellent sources for therapist logo inspiration, you can also get a lot of value from visually dominant sites like Pinterest and Instagram. Just type “Therapy Logos” in the search bar, and you’ll get an eclectic range of images. While they will vary in quality from a dedicated logo site, you get an amazing tool: Feedback.

Which logos have a lot of likes? What do people say about them in the comments? Logos with high praise and engagement are amazing insight into what resonates with other people! From there, you can design your own logo based on what people liked about other people’s logo designs. More importantly, you can avoid their critical errors in your designs!

Find Therapist Logo Ideas in the World Around You!

inspiration in the world

For some therapist logo ideas, take a morning or afternoon off and go for a walk! A Stanford study revealed that people’s creative output goes up 60% when walking! Make sure to turn your phone on silent and put it away. No multitasking or distractions! A few great places to go for an inspirational stroll are:

  • Where Your Ideal Clients Are. Do you mostly work with families in the suburbs? Go for a walk in the suburbs to get a feel for their everyday life. Do you deal mostly with women? Go to places they frequent. Look around at the sort of symbols and images they see every day.
  • Where Your Message Is. Do you specialize in play therapy? Take a walk in a park or amusement center. Go where fun and play are the theme. Do you use meditation in your therapy? Go someplace soothing and calming for a stroll. Do you specialize in getting to a childhood root to behavioral problems? Go someplace nostalgic!

    Feel your message in a non-office setting and look for symbols that convey that feeling! It could be a cloud, a child’s toy, or even the way a stream curves along a path.

  • Someplace Busy. Places like shops in an amusement park, a downtown shopping center, or a mall depend on making their image stand out to catch foot traffic. Take a stroll and see what catches your eye and why.
  • Someplace Quiet: On the opposite end of the spectrum- go someplace where there are no distractions at all. Just go out far away from all the thoughts and responsibilities that clutter your mind. Ponder your business in the silence. You’ll be surprised what thoughts hide behind the hustle and bustle of everyday tasks!

Wherever you go, keep your mind on the task so you can get that therapist logo inspiration. Only pull your phone out to make audio notes. No peeking at the distractions of the world!

Therapist Logo Ideas are Everywhere!

design quote

These are not all inclusive! The goal is to do what you find inspiring. Look around enough, and you will find hundreds of things that could make a great logo concept for your practice.

Do you need an extra hand? Professional logo designers know the questions to ask to help you get started. I offer amazing logo design with some of my web design packages! If you would like to book a free consult to get started, click HERE.

What should you do once you have found inspiration for your private practice logo? We’ll cover that next!

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