The Client: Novatier

Novatier is a consulting firm that specializes in innovative ideas and ground-breaking strategies that tackle societies biggest problems. Founded by Chana Lockerman, LCSW Novatier needed a dynamic site that conveyed it’s out-of-the box approach and it’s firm commitment to making the world a better place. 

What we did:

We began by curating a collection of top-quality images that would provide an accurate picture of this organization and the communities they partner with. We searched far and wide to find images that were powerful, vivid, and empowering. 

As we began work on the site, we wanted it to reflect the dynamic work that the organization does, so we choose to incorporate a lot of movement into the design. As a user scrolls through the site, the different elements on the site move upward, in a way that responds to the visitor’s presence, and that reflects the nature of the work the organization does. 

The result is a site that engages visitors, explains with both text and images what this organization does, and showcases effectively the many ways that Novatier is poised to make a huge, positive impact on the world! 

best website design for therapists
best website for therapists

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