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If you’re looking for some inspiration as you start to think about your therapist logo, then look no further! Here you will find a collection of some truly wonderful therapist logos, to help you imagine what your own logo might look like!

Let’s not waste any time . . . here are the logos!

Deep Symbolism and Gorgeous Design

When designer Annie Kubena set out to design a logo for her client, she wasn’t just out to create something that looks pretty, but made a real effort to dig deep into how her client works with her patients, and to create a logo that was a real reflection of that. 

Annie says of her design process, “My client explained her process of helping people navigate the ups and downs of life. Life is like a series of waves, change is like ripples on the water. Anxiety and depression are like storms at sea. I worked on different versions of the logo that incorporated the themes of water, waves, ripples and movement. I wanted to show her gentle, yet supportive nature and how she helps her clients navigate through storms to safe waters.”

Vibrant and Colorful

Allison Burns of Allie Marie Designs is both a wonderful person and an amazing designer! Her logos are so inviting, and I love the way she combines the elegance of these designs with color in a way that makes them both very professional and yet still super warm and inviting. Check out more of her excellent work, or sign up for her online class here!

Simple and Compelling

Designer Akis Itos does a wonderful job of creating a simple, minimalist image that perfectly captures the idea of therapy in a simple and elegant way.

akis logo

Bold and Unique!


Michigan Designer Dave Battjes creates a logo here that is fun and inviting, and not afraid to show a little personality! The colors and slightly funky text that he uses here shows that this therapy practice is not stuffy or intimidating, but rather welcoming and unique. 


Designer Michelle D'Avella

In this design, Michelle D’Avella uses elegant colors and fonts to create a logo that is sophisticated and professional, while also being warm and inviting.

cl_logo-therapist logo examples

Designer Tom Brackley

In this design, Tom Brackley creates a modern, minimalist design that is eye catching and memorable!

myd_logo-Therapist Logo Examples

Raboin Design Co

Therapist Logo Examples

Raboin Design Co designed this lovely logo, playing on the multiple C’s in their client’s name. It is simple, but also visually attractive and memorable. 

Designer Iris Sovierzoski


Designer Iris Sovierzoski did such an amazing job here! She created a logo that is bright, cheerful, dynamic, and also really clever. I love the speech the use of a speech bubble as an element of the design, playing on the element of talk in therapy. 

Speech Therapy Logo

speech therapy logo example

Designer Tara Mosier created a fun, inviting logo that captures the essence of speech therapy in a clever way. I love the details and fonts that she uses here!

Modern and Symbolic

Hedy schleifer

Designer Jeff Yas created this vivid and eye-catching logo.

When working with his client, Jeff says that he set out to: “design a brand identity system which directly expressed the ethos behind Hedy’s relationship work: The idea that we each must cross the bridge to see things from someone else’s perspective; Recognizing that the space between us is sacred and that is where our love and work happen. Hedy needed a logo that communicated these vital concepts immediately. After careful research, Sue dug up an early 20th century ink drawing which really related to what we wanted to say. Jeff ran to the computer to start creating a digital version of the drawing. They tweaked the shapes to make the image their own, built a color palette based on Hedy’s style, tested fonts (Didot & Expo) and arrived at a unique new trademark for a remarkable woman.” 

A Final Thought . . .

A logo is one more way that you can establish yourself as a true professional in your field. And though the process may seem overwhelming, when you break it down into steps, having a logo that you are happy with and that represents you and your work accurately is easier than you think!

Helping therapists like you get more visible, connect with more people, and have a bigger impact on the world is what I do best! I’d love to learn about your work, and discuss how we might be able to work together. Sign up for a discovery call, and let’s talk!

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