Online Psychotherapy for Men

Therapist Website Design and Copywriting Services

Therapist Jill Case specializes in working with men in her all-online counseling private practice. She needed a website that created a connection even with men who were uncomfortable with the idea of therapy. Jill needed a website that would create connections with the diverse group of men that she works with, as well as represent the veterans and first responders who she often helps. 

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What We Did . . .

We wrote the content for this site carefully, choosing words that would resonate with men and being careful to avoid phrases or terms that Jill’s potential clients would feel uncomfortable with. We created a tone for the site’s content that matches Jill’s direct and open tone.

We then began working on developing the site; collecting images that reflected Jill’s clients and that would resonate with the people she wanted to reach, and selecting colors and fonts that fit with the site’s goals. We also created a series of blog posts that spoke to some of the crucial issues that men often encounter when seeking mental health support.  

The completed website is one that speaks in a very targeted way to the clients who Jill is trying to reach. 

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