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10 Therapist Podcasts You will Love to Be Listening to in 2022

Want to make your commute time more productive? Well, why don’t you try to use that time to learn something new? If you’re not yet into therapist podcasts, you might want to give it a try! 

In this post, I’ve compiled a short list of therapist podcasts which I think you’ll find pretty interesting and practical as a therapist. I’ve also added my personal favorites here and some top-rated shows you might want to tune in to one of these days. 

Let’s dive right in!

Hosted by my good friend, Jane Travis, this show is designed to help other counsellors scale their own practice through effective marketing strategies. From using social media platforms to maximizing referrals, this show is ultimately about how you can get the freedom to do what you love and get paid the right amount for it!

So if you’re constantly looking for opportunities to grow so you can achieve more by doing less, then this is the right podcast for you. 

Try this Episode: How I Used LinkedIn to Grow my Private Practice

Here’s another favorite! This show, hosted by Dr. Alyssa Adams, was created with the innovative therapist who wants to go down the path less traveled. Sounds like you? Then you’ll love this podcast! 

In this show, you’ll learn how you can amplify your impact in the niche you want to serve and at the same time find out new ways to market your practice without having to lose your sense of individuality. Episodes feature interviews with various experts in the field on topics like how you can push beyond your perceived limits and do more than you thought you can.

Try this Episode: How to Get Started with Leadership or Executive Coaching

Looking for expert advice and actionable strategies as you grow your private practice? Or maybe you need a little push towards the right direction and extra support as you start out? Then you’d find this podcast extra helpful. 

In each episode, my good friend Howard and I talk about how you can gain the confidence you need to create a bigger impact in the world through your practice. We’ve made it our mission to help you make a difference. From building a professional website for your practice to learning how to maximize the use of therapist directories, our episodes give you actionable strategies you can use to reach your goals without burning out in the process. 

Don’t miss out on all the good stuff. Tune into the podcast today!

Try this Episode: Therapist Websites: Everything You Need to Know! or you can go straight here https://strongrootswebdesign.com/psychbiz-podcast/

Hosted by Kate Campbell, PhD, LMFT and Katie Lemieux, LMFT, this podcast is going to take you behind the scenes of how you can build your private practice from the ground up. Featuring both mental health experts and entrepreneurs, each episode on this show delivers nuggets of inspiration and insights you could use as you work on your goals and dreams.

Tune in to the show each week for new episodes!

Try this Episode: Taking a Leap of Faith: How to Create a Practice You Love

Having experts guide you as you start your counselling practice can mean the difference between a rewarding career that you love and a stressful one. But this podcast is not just for therapists who are only starting out. Kelly and Miranda, the hosts of this podcast, have been partners on this journey for over a decade now and have already interviewed hundreds of industry experts. 

So whether you’re a new therapist or are already a seasoned specialist, you can count on the fact that you’re getting expert advice from some of the best folks in the industry. 

Try this Episode: Finding Work-Life Balance and Setting Sustainable Fees

Let’s be honest. Some of the most crucial aspects of building your own private practice just isn’t part of what you’ve learned in graduate school. Good thing you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars more for killer marketing techniques that you can learn for free! 

The Practice of the Practice Podcast hosted by Joe Sanok covers everything you need to know about how you can build an awesome service-based private practice. Check out the show today!

Try this Episode: How Do I Start a Wellness Center?

If you’re into exploring the recesses of the mind, as I’m sure you are, you’ll find this podcast interesting. Hosted by award-winning podcaster Sana Qadar, each episode presents the complexities of the human mind in a way that captures your attention every minute of the show.

The show covers a wide range of topics, ranging from addiction and emotional trauma to scientific breakthroughs and artificial intelligence. If these topics sound like your cup of tea, you’d definitely enjoy tuning into the show.

Try this Episode: The Dark Side of Daydreams

Hosted by Guy Macpherson, PhD D, the Trauma Therapist Podcast is created for therapists who specialize in trauma and other related fields. Featuring interviews with industry experts the likes of Bruce Perry, Janina Fisher, and Gabor Mate, this podcast is a real eye-opener on how to best deal with trauma cases and what the experience involves.

Try this Episode: Finding Your Groove as a Therapist

Are you an art therapist? Here’s a podcast for you! Hosted by Youhjoung, an art therapist herself, each of this podcast’s episodes help you grow in your practice and establish your business as you seek to make a difference to the world through art. 

Check out an episode from Thirsty for Art below!

Try this Episode: If You Want to Show Up Online But You’re Scared, Listen to This

Last but definitely not the least on my list is the Abundant Practice Podcast hosted by Allison Puryear. Her podcast is the complete package you need to build your private practice, covering the most effective strategies you need so you could scale and achieve abundance in your space. 

Not sure how or where to start scaling? Try tuning into this podcast today!

Try this Episode: Three Things You Need to Build Quickly

I hope you found my short list of therapist podcasts helpful! What other therapist podcasts do you love? Drop them in the comments below!

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