Forensic Psychologist Website Design Client: Dr. Jennifer Marshall

As a Forensic and Clinical Psychologist offering a variety of services, Dr. Marshall needed a highly professional website that described her work accurately and clearly. It was important that the site be visually attractive and easy to navigate, and that it present a great deal of information in a way that was easy for website visitors to find the information that they needed quickly and easily.

What we did:

We divided the site up into different service areas and made it easy and intuitive for website visitors to navigate to the part of the site that they were most interested in. 

We collected images that reflected the DC metro area where Dr. Marshall works, as well as various locations that were part of her development as a practitioner. The end result is a psychologist website design that is user-friendly, professional, and unique. 

"Sarah was wonderful to work with and I'm so happy with my website! She took the time to understand the scope of my practice as well as the target audience which differs significantly from a traditional mental health practice. She offered fresh ideas and with an exceptional attention to detail. I have received positive feedback from other professionals and consumers pertaining to the utility and ease in finding information for services. Sarah worked to create a website that reflected me not only as a professional, but also unique to me! I would highly recommend Sarah to any of my colleagues!"
Dr. Jennifer Marshall
Clinical and Forensic Psychologist

Forensic Psychologist Website Design

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