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So you’ve already created a professional social media account, asked your current network to follow your page, and posted the relevant information on your specialty and how they can start working with you. But instead of hearing your phone ring, you started hearing crickets…

What could possibly go wrong when you’ve ticked all the boxes? Getting your brand all set up on the platform won’t automatically bring in the business. It takes time, effort and patience to see actual progress. Aside from optimizing your account, you need to start developing organic content that adds value to your profession, to your business and ultimately to your audience.

Consistently creating original content can be challenging to many marketers, and more so for budding businesses like you. With everything that’s on your plate, we understand that creative juices may bleed out from time to time, so in this article, we’re giving you 31 engaging content prompts that you can start using for your posts.

engaging content for therapists websites

1. “Before I became a therapist, I’ve always had this vision of…”

Tell your audience about your mission and vision or share a story about your passion for helping others overcome life’s challenges. 

2. “Here’s the hard truth about…”

Open a conversation about an issue that no one speaks about. The issues should be relevant to your niche and your target client’s life.

3. “This or That”

Perfect for story content formats, you can let your audience vote between two scenarios. One depicting their current situation and one depicting their aspirations. If you are a couple’s therapist, for example, you can let them choose between Happy Wife or Happy Life? – whilst showing a side-by-side image of a happy wife with a sad husband and a happy couple. You can create a series of 3-4 stories out of this for better reinforcement.

4. Share a stress-saving tip 

Think of quick and practical ways you can help your patients solve relevant everyday problems. Example: 3 easy ways to motivate yourself every morning. 

5. A day in the life of a therapist

Give a sneak peek of what happens in a day in a life of a therapist. Casual content like this can be humanizing and gives your feed a warm and inviting feel.

6. “What Would You Rather Do?”

Share a relevant story or experience that has impacted your life and career. Then ask your audience what they would rather do if they were in your shoes.

7. Share quotable quotes

Share inspirational and motivational quotes to perk up your audience. Best posted in the morning, beautiful quotes can help them get into the right frame of mind to help them face the day.

8. Hook them up with 4 things they haven’t considered about therapy

Use hooks like “If you want to [patient’s aspiration], here are four reasons why you should consider talking with a therapist.” Make sure to think outside the box for better appreciation.

9. Share insights about relevant issues revolving around your niche or industry.

Create a discussion about recent events or the prevalence of related issues. Share your professional opinion, add statistical data and ask your audience how they feel about it. 

10. “This is your reminder to…”

Remind your audience about how worthy they are, how valid their concerns and problems are, and assure them that there are ways to resolve them. Suggest a tip or two or imply that working with a therapist works wonders.

11. “Meet the Team”

Whether it’s your wonderful assistant or your clinic’s Chief Barking Officer (a.k.a your pet), introducing a member of your team can make your brand more genuine and trustworthy. 

12. A 30-second meditation or affirmation session

Record a short meditation or affirmation reel that your audience can use to help them cope with daily life. Reels are great for attracting new followers and expanding your reach. 

13. Gratitude Exchange

Ask your audience what they’re thankful for today. Make sure to share your own so they can get to know you better. Exchanging gratitude with your audiences can cultivate positivity within your social community.

14. Random check-in

Check-in with your audience and see how they’re doing. Ask if they’re experiencing relevant hardships or challenges then share a practical way they can better manage their current situation.

15. Debunk a myth

Break false notions revolving around your profession, the overall therapy industry and some methodologies that people might be skeptical about or in need of more clarity. 

16. Join the trend and add your own spin

Head over to Instagram reels or TikTok and find trending audios. Use it as a background for short recorded “How To” videos or a scenic reel with your message as a text overlay. 

17. “The greatest mistake I’ve…”

No one likes committing mistakes so hook them up with an experience of your own. Share how you bounced back from that situation and make it as relatable as possible. You can also point out mistakes your target market is unknowingly committing and share sound advice.

18. Testimonials from your clients and peers

Customer feedback can be very convincing because of its “hear it from me!” appeal so make sure to share testimonials on your feed. It builds credibility and reinforces your position in the market. Make sure to ask permission from your client so you don’t encounter any privacy issues in the future.

19. “You won’t believe this, but..”

Spill a “secret” and share exclusive content or insight that they might be interested in. 

20. Industry news

Share about what’s going on around your niche. Find insightful articles that depict certain innovations and breakthroughs in your field. 

21. Share your latest NEWS

People love new and shiny things. So share anything new about your website, marketing materials, or services. You can also get your audience excited by creating a teaser about an irresistible deal that’s coming up. 

22. Repost trending content

Share trending news or an entertaining meme. Make sure to pair this with a brief commentary or a humorous and relatable caption to amuse your audience.

23. “Here’s where they’re wrong…”

Another debunking prompt that you can use to educate your audience about certain misconceptions about the realm of therapy. Posts like this help make your intended audience more aware of their misconstrued biases and beliefs.

24. Pros and cons of therapy

We have thousands of reasons why therapy is good, but make sure to share something negative as well. It’s not shooting yourself in the foot, but rather being transparent about uncomfortable experiences your clients may experience as part of their healing journey. 

25. Self-discipline hacks

Share simple and practical ways patients can consistently and successfully accomplish therapy “assignments” outside their sessions.

26. How-to tutorials

Record long-form video content focusing on topics and issues your target patients may be experiencing. Consider this content as a come-on or a “free session” that can help you generate growth.

27. “Here’s how you know…”

Many people don’t realize that they’re in too deep a certain situation. Use this prompt to help your target audience realize that they may be experiencing something that needs therapy.

28. A checklist

This could be an easy-to-follow checklist for self-care Sundays, mental wellbeing week or something related to your niche. Make sure to include activities that they can carry out on their own without having to spend so much time and money.

29. Methodologies 

Share how your methodologies differ from other clinicians and what your clients  can get out of it.

30. Be one with your patients

Post a quote or your original content re-affirming that your patient’s aspirations are your business’ priorities. 

31. Share your wins

You owe your success to the patients and peers who believed in you so be sure to share your recognition with them. This not only expresses gratitude to those you worked with but also strengthens your personal and professional brand. 

There you have it! 31 days of pure engaging content. Feel free to tweak and implement as you deem fit. But remember, when creating content, don’t ever forget to empathize. This not only puts your customer at the center of your marketing strategy, but it really is the secret to successful marketing and scaling your business further through social media. 

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