Social Media Marketing for Therapists: Content Prompt Ideas

Social Media Marketing for Therapists: Content Prompt Ideas

Modern technology changed the way clinicians practice. Social Media Marketing for therapists is definitely on the list of must haves when putting up your private practice. 

With the rise of telehealth and video conferencing, patients and therapists now enjoy a safer and more efficient exchange. Aside from transforming the way businesses operate, it also changed the way how therapists market themselves.

Gone are the days when business cards are used as the main tool for promotion. Nowadays, marketing a therapy business requires a comprehensive online presence in order to get noticed. Safe to say, it has become a business imperative not just for private practices but for all types of enterprises. Data shows that over 70% of America’s population have social media accounts so it only makes sense to leverage what these online platforms have to offer in attracting, building, and sustaining your ideal market. 

If you need a little bit more convincing, here are a few more reasons to start developing a social media presence for your practice. According to Intechnic:

  • 78% of small businesses attract new customers through social media.
  • 80% of the US social network prefer to connect with businesses on Facebook.
  • 82% of buyers say they trust a company more when its CEO and senior leadership team are active on social media. And this could be YOU!
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Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Therapists

Being on social media not only attracts the right customers but also gives you a cost-efficient platform where you can provide value to people through quality content and opportunities for genuine connection. Quality content strengthens your personal brand, while genuine connection puts the right people within reach. 

Aside from these, it can also:

  • Foster trust and build credibility
  • Attract new clients, partnerships, and opportunities for growth
  • Enhance client engagement
  • Help you reach your ideal clients through targeted and measurable efforts
  • Save you time and money (vs traditional advertising)

As social media has gotten more sophisticated, functional features are made available to support businesses as well. These features include information listing, website linking, e-commerce integration, appointment setting, reputation management, and of course, private messaging for a faster way of communicating with clients and prospects. These are some of the many awesome features your therapy business can take advantage of if you’re just starting.

Attract, Build & Sustain

Your social media success will be determined by three things. Your ability to attract a new audience, grow this network, and sustain all your social media marketing efforts for the long haul. 

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Elements of Good Social Media Content & Content
Prompt Ideas:

1. Good Content Introduces & Builds Credibility 

Your content should introduce who you are, what your business is about and what you can bring to the table. When you’re just starting out you can post about:

5 Ws & 1 H of your business 

  • Who you are
  • What you do and what your qualifications are
  • Why you do it and for whom are your services for
  • Where is your clinic located
  • When will you start offering your services
  • How they can get in touch with you or your clinic

Real patient reviews

You can strengthen your credibility by eliciting testimonials from peers or past clients and posting them as part of your content strategy. Sharing real reviews can actually help you generate roughly 62% more revenue than not including this “take it from me” type of content. 

2. Good Content Shows Off But Avoids Hard-Selling

When trying to build your credibility, it’s so easy to oversell yourself because you and your services are the actual product. When this happens, it can sound forceful, and overconfident and may even put a bad taste in someone’s mouth. Hard selling is a no-no.

Here is some tasteful content prompts you can put to use when selling yourself on social media.

  • Share a personal story about your professional journey
  • Share an online article highlighting your and an esteemed organization’s (that you’re part of) achievements
  • Post about recent events or volunteer work that you’ve been a part of
  • Tell about your passions and advocacies + combine with an invitation to your free webinars or sessions
  • Show expertise by sharing hard facts and insights revolving around your industry

3. Good Content Provides Value

Not all who follow you will be your client, but they are part of the online community that propels you forward. By giving useful and valuable content, you increase your chances of being shared and noticed by prospective clients beyond your current following. 

  • Tutorial posts, reels and videos related to your niche
  • Relatable quotes and human-interest stories
  • Quick tips and insights relating to everyday human experiences
  • Reaction videos with valuable insights to trending topics

4. Good Content Is Equipped With A Strong CTA

Call-to-actions are very important in advertising. It prompts your audience to do something specific for you to help you grow your network and convert to sales. Here are some samples that you can use for your static and dynamic content:

  • Follow for more..
  • I’ll tell you more in part 2, click down below…
  • Stay Tuned!
  • Hit Like and Subscribe for More….
  • Watch this space by hitting the notification bell
  • Give us a ring at….
  • Book your FREE….
  • Hurry, slots are limited so book…

5. Good Content is Strategically Designed and Edited

The format of your content affects its performance on a particular platform. Static content may work on Facebook, reels and quick video content may work best on Instagram and TikTok, and longer video content belongs to Youtube. Do research about these platforms and adopt best practices that can get your content the most engagement.

  • Use humanizing content and imagery
  • Curate your feed to align with your branding
  • Use videos
  • Edit reels and videos on loop-style by matching the ending of your video to the beginning of it. 

Creating content does not follow a one-size-fits-all approach. Topics and content formats will vary depending on your niche, the channels you use, and the type of audience you are targeting. What may work on Facebook, won’t necessarily work with TikTok. So make sure to go back to your business and marketing plans and assess which platforms your target markets might be using. 

Track your efforts when doing social media marketing for therapists and don’t be afraid to experiment so you can have a feel of what works best. After all, no matter how great your content is, if it doesn’t communicate with the right set of audiences, then all your efforts will be put to waste. 

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