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True or False: The number of web traffic you get to your therapy blog each month determines whether or not your site is performing well.

You probably know that’s a trick question. 

It may sound like the answer is TRUE, but the truth is that your numbers aren’t really the sole determining factor for your site’s overall performance.

So yes, the answer is FALSE.

Your average web traffic is not the only indicator there is to help you gauge how well your site is performing. BUT that doesn’t mean that the amount of traffic you get for your site is not important. Because it is. 

Sure, you can’t possibly hope to attract 100,000 unique page visits each month when you only cater to a small market of 10,000 people. But you definitely want to make sure that you’re reaching as many of your target audience as possible to achieve your desired web traffic.

If you’re only reaching 5% of your estimated target population, for example, then think about all the potential clients you failed to convert simply because your therapy blog wasn’t driving enough web traffic. And I’m sure that you’d want people to visit the website you’ve invested so much in. 

So, what exactly can you do to boost your monthly web traffic to your therapy blog for FREE? Let’s talk about some things you can do now.

Create viral content

web traffic blog viral content

This tip may be a no-brainer, but have you ever wondered how to come up with content that will get people to click on your links? Without having to beg them to do so, that is?

Every day, millions of content are posted on the Internet, but only a precious few go on to be viral. Why? Because a lot of practitioners who have gone online with their practice don’t look at how their competitors are creating content that works like magic on their audience,  driving up their web traffic.

There are three key ingredients in creating viral posts:

  • Catchy headlines
  • Valuable content
  • The right post length

The best types of content are those with headlines that make you want to click and read through the rest of the post. These headlines aren’t just there to inform you about the topic that the post promises to cover. They tug at your heartstrings as well.

And how exactly can you create a catchy headline? By using the oldest marketing strategy on earth: storytelling.

People like stories, especially good ones. Who doesn’t? Headlines that promise a really good story are most likely to get more clicks compared to their competitors. Again, it’s all about getting people’s attention—attracting them with the right combination of words. 

But it’s not just about your headline. You have to make sure that you make good with your promise as well.

You don’t want potential clients to end up disappointed because they ended up falling for clickbait. Follow through on the initial promise you presented in your headline, and make sure that you post something that is of real value.

And if you could add in some freebies that would be perfect too!

Lastly, it’s important that you get your post length right as well.

Imagine if upon clicking on that really interesting headline you find out that there’s nothing in that post other than really lengthy paragraphs. And to make matters worse, you find out that it’s all just plain text. No images or videos whatsoever?

I’m sure you’ll end up leaving that post unread and heading over to the next website with more exciting content. 

But how long should your post be? We all know that Google loves long-form content, and most people are inclined to share posts that are longer than 1,000 words. So try to come up with content that would hit that number of words. Remember, the more shares your post gets, the more chances you have at converting leads to paying clients.

Here’s a friendly reminder though: No matter how long your post may be, try not to make it look overwhelmingly long. You can always break your paragraphs down into shorter lines to make your entire write-up reader-friendly.

Create evergreen posts

web traffic blog evergreen posts

Just like fashion trends, blog posts can get pretty outdated really fast. So if you focus only on producing content that covers current trends, sooner or later you’re bound to find yourself lagging behind your competition. 

Plus, your previous posts would no longer get views or generate web traffic for your therapy blog simply because readers would no longer find them relevant. 

Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t produce content covering the latest updates in your industry. You should also do that to establish your credibility in your niche. But you should also work on creating evergreen posts for your therapy blog.

What exactly do we mean by evergreen posts?

Evergreen posts refer to posts that cover general topics that will continue to generate interest years after you first posted them. But how do you determine what topic to write about for this type of post?

Determine your content pillars for your therapy blog.

These pillars will serve as your basis when creating evergreen content. Again, don’t just focus on writing or producing content about the current trends just so you can increase web traffic to your therapy blog. Go back to the basics of your business. If you do, people will still find your content relevant to their needs, many years from now.

What if you’ve already written about all your content pillars and you’ve run out of great ideas for your therapy blog? Then this next tip will come in handy.

Repurpose existing content.

Go through your old content and try to repurpose what you’ve written to fit with the current trends. No matter how great evergreen content is, you can’t just fill your therapy blog with evergreen posts all year. 

Grow your email list

web traffic blog email lists

No matter what others may say, email marketing is NOT dead. It’s very much alive, and when used strategically, can help you drive more web traffic to your therapy blog.

But the key here is to make sure that you’re emailing subscribers who are fully aligned with your brand. There’s no point promoting your website to people who won’t actually convert. 

Do you already have an email list? Great! Now all you have to do is get them to visit your site. And hopefully, they’ll help you generate income too!

Need expert, tailored advice on how to drive more traffic to your therapy blog? I’m here to help! Book a call with me today and let’s talk about the best strategies we can use to boost your site’s performance. Talk soon!

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