The Client: Nadyne Busichio

Nadyne wanted to create a beautiful and polished website that would communicate with her future clients about her specialties, areas of focus, and would give her a way to share the lead magnet she had created – an in depth E-book – and help her grow her newsletter.  

What we did:

We went through the interview process so that I could learn as much as possible about Nadyne and how she helps her clients. After the content for the website was finished, I dove into the design phase. I created a color palette and then a full site design that was designed to appeal to Nadyne’s ideal client, while showcasing her specialties and the range of work that she does. We also created a professional layout and design for her impressive lead magnet, and hooked it into an email automation series designed to build strong connections with potential clients who sign up for her newsletter. 

"Sarah was extremely knowledgeable with all the information posted on her website and I loved her portfolio. Speaking with her was very easy and organized. She listened, provided feedback and knew exactly what I was looking for. It was also fun talking with her! I had nothing and the entire website was built from the ground up. Sarah took what I envisioned in my head and brought it to life. I have already given her information to a few therapist who were looking to create a website. I hope they get in touch with her. It's absolutely worth the investment."
Nadyne Busichio

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