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Maria and Kelly reached out to me because they wanted to improve the website for their thriving group practice, Family First

They already had a website for their practice. The problem was, it just wasn’t meeting their needs. They wanted something that would be easier to navigate, function more smoothly, and do a better job of engaging website visitors.

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So I did an audit to check out how their website was performing.

Their website was loading slowly, and the menu and buttons were hard to use, making it difficult for visitors to navigate around their website. Additionally, the overall look of the website needed an update to make it more engaging and attractive to potential clients. 

After conducting in-depth interviews with Kelly and Maria and learning all that I could about the important work that they and the other psychologists at their practice do, I was excited to start creating a website that would truly work for Family First. Now it was time for me to get to work.

Building the Website for Family First

One of the first things that I considered while designing their website was incorporating design elements that would help improve both the aesthetics and the overall functionality of their pages. 

On their About page, for example, I had to look for a way to streamline their page structure without sacrificing their content. 

Since they have a LOT of therapists, I decided that instead of cramming all the information regarding their experts all on one page, it would be better to showcase each member through a carousel.

our clinical psychologists

This carousel I created shows the different photos and brief bios for each member. Not only does it help make the page look more spacious, but it also adds movement and makes it easy for people to click through and get a sense of all the therapists available.

Where possible, I incorporated additional design elements that would guide visitors as they navigate the pages, at the same time ensure that every aspect of the website stays aligned to Family First’s branding. For example, since Family First has a special focus on wellness education, I created an entire page on that, complete with some unique icons linked to the various workshops and classes that they offer.

our clinical psychologists

Several weeks and a hundred coffee cups later, the website was finally ready! 

It was time to check the performance and compare it with the previous numbers I got.

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It worked! 

After restructuring the site and streamlining the content, the overall performance rate of their website went up from 30% to 90%. The total load time for their page also greatly improved, from 17.2 seconds to just 1.4 seconds after the website upgrade. 

With faster loading speed and a more organized web structure, Family First now has a site that is not only easier to navigate but also functions more smoothly, helping them engage website visitors better and convert them into clients.

Maria and Kelly’s thoughts on their brand new website

I asked Maria and Kelly about their experience, and here’s what they said!

“We are very pleased with our practice’s new website and cannot recommend Sarah highly enough!  Her expertise in website development led us to feel completely comfortable with the process from start to finish—we knew our project was in capable hands.  Sarah took the time to hear our vision and then executed it in a unique, creative, and thoughtful way.  Her background in developing websites for therapists made the process even easier for us because she understood the messages we wanted to send and was able to weigh in with ideas and suggestions in an informed way.  Sarah was very easy to work with, responsive, thoughtful, and reliable.   We are so thankful that we chose to work with Sarah, as she made the process of developing our new website pleasurable and wholly satisfying.”

Go ahead and check out www.familyfirstva.com!

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Psychologists Maria Kanakos and Kelly Theis established Family First in 2008 with the goal of helping improve the emotional well-being of families through high-quality, personalized services. So if you are looking for a psychology practice where you, your child, and your family could feel supported, comfortable, and understood, try reaching out to them! 

I hope you found this overview of Family First’s website helpful! If you want to get in touch with their expert team of psychologists, or if you want to learn more about how they can help, feel free to click here!

Do you need a website?

Websites do more than just showcase what your brand is all about. They also help you establish your reputation and allow prospective clients to get a glimpse of what it would be like if they decide to avail of your services. 

A lot of websites though perform poorly, and this poor performance rate in turn negatively impacts their conversion rates. When websites take too much time to completely load, visitors may decide to head over to a competitor’s site instead.

Do you have a website but feel like it’s not fully aligned with what you envisioned for your brand? Are your pages taking forever to load? Would you like to improve your visitors’ experience when they check out your site? 

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