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This is one example of our solo practitioner website design that we created for Kim Colton who needed a website that not only talked about the services she offers, but that also captured a bit of her personality and expressed what would be unique and special about working with her as a clinician. We developed a website that expressed her love of the outdoors, and captured the feeling of freedom and opportunities that she helps her clients discover. 

Award-Winning Design

We are proud that our design for Kim’s website was featured in Top 10 Wellbeing Website Designs of 2022 by DesignRush as an award-winning example of health and wellness websites.

"The website design was fun and a great experience. Sarah is easy to work with - she went above and beyond. Great value for the product considering what many other web designers and logo designers charge. The payment plan and payment process is so convenient. Sarah demonstrated that she is a good listener and seemed to connect with the brand I was struggling to build on my own. She also has excellent writing skills and did a great job of synthesizing all my ramblings into coherent sentences."
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Kim Colton
Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Owner - True Path Therapy
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