The Client: IncredAbilities Therapy

Ricki Dembitzer runs an incredible and diverse service for her clients in New York, providing Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Speech Therapy for her clients. Her practice had grown and she knew that she needed an online presence that really reflected both the breadth and the depth of all the amazing services that she offered. She also wanted to showcase the workshops that she offers, as well as provide information about helpful books and tools that she often recommended to parents. 

What we did for this Occupational Therapist Website

First, I spent time talking to Ricki, and learning as much as I could about her and the amazing work that she does. Based on those conversations I created the content for her site. Ricki and I then went through a revision process, until we felt that the text was just right.

Then I worked on creating the design for the site, and presenting it in a way that captured the vibrant, energetic tone that Rick brings to all of her work. I worked hard to make sure that the detailed information about Ricki’s services was presented in easy and accessible ways, so that potential customers would be able to navigate through the site with ease.

The new occupational therapist website provides an inviting glimpse into the work that Ricki and the other therapists in her practice do, and has been an effective tool for attracting more clients!!


Occupational Therapist Website for IncredAbilities Therapy

incredabilities therapy website design
occupational therapist website of incredabilities therapy

Visit the Live Site!

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