Dr. Michael Bourke

Dr. Bourke is a licensed clinical and forensic psychologist who does consulting, training, and teaching all over the world. He needed a website that would showcase his incredibly important work, and be a hub where people could access information about the work he is currently doing. 

We worked with him to create a website that reflected the importance of his work, the depth of his expertise, and would help a wide range of people better access his vital services. We were absolutely honored to work with him, and completely delighted with how the website turned out!

"Working with Sarah was a fantastic experience. A consummate professional, she has a knack for turning the ideas of laypersons into something that from the “outside” is aesthetically powerful, and from the “inside” is pragmatically workable.

I was immediately struck by her approach; she first got to know my commitments and what I am passionate about before helping me identify my goals for the website. She then used her unique skills to “translate” my vision using a combination of images, colors, graphics, and media.

In my opinion, she is much more than a web designer, and it is no accident that so many therapists choose to work with her. Like most clinicians she understands the importance of listening, assessing, getting beneath the surface, identifying what is important, and finding ways to infuse her clients’ commitments and vision into the pages of their websites. In short, her methods and the final product far surpassed my expectations. She is a joy to work with, and she delivers way more than she promises.

Sarah combines her knowledge of marketing, advertising, and graphic design with common sense to produce powerful and informative websites. She understands what emotional message something might send - the “feel” an image or passage might convey, and as a result the website truly reflects who you are as a professional.

Sarah sees herself as a member of your team, someone who is committed to your success, and not merely someone capable of implementing your ideas. After only a few conversations it was clear to me she cared about my practice and she was invested in the outcome."
Dr. Michael Bourke
Licensed Clinical and Forensic Psychologist

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