Lesson Two: Creating Connection

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Video #2: Your Secret Weapon


Hi! Welcome back.

Today, I want to kind of dive deep and talk about one of the most important elements that should be in your website.

But before we really get into it, I’m going to talk about a shift in mindset that metimes a lot of people have to do when we start really talking about strategy for your website.

The thing is, is that a lot of people come into the design process and they’re envisioning their website as being me ways similar to their resume or to a business card, or maybe their LinkedIn Profile: where they’re going to talk about themselves and talk about why they’re qualified for the job that they’re hoping to have or why they’re qualified to treat the patient that they’re hoping to treat.

The thing is that, when you take that approach to a website, you’re really missing out on % of what makes a website  powerful.

And that is – Let’s compare your website to like a brochure. Visually there might be mething that a brochure and a website might have in common. They might have pretty pictures, they might have me text, but, the fundamental difference – and this is what makes your website such an incredible tool – is that a website is not a one-sided conversation.

A brochure is a piece of paper that a person’s going to you know, hold in their hand and eventually use as a coaster but, a website is an opportunity for the person who is interested in your services to interact with you, to make a connection with you.

They can do things on your website that then create a response from you instantaneously through the website, and that’s going to create a completely different experience.

User interaction with your website is one of the most important things that happens on your website.  And Google knows this. (Google seems to know a little bit too much.) But the way that they measure, one of the ways that they measure what is a high-quality website is they watch to see if people who visit your website are clicking on any of the links that are within the website. And if they’re not,  if a person comes to your website even if they spend a while on your website reading an article or something like that, if they leave without having  clicked on anything inside your website, Google counts that as a bounce.        

And when someone bounces from your website, that is a ding against your website in the great Google algorithm. And that means if there are enough of those bounces, if your website has a high bounce rate, then your website is going to be labeled within the Google algorithm as being low quality. And it’s going to mean that your rank is going to steadily drop when someone is doing a Google search, you’re going to be much less likely  to actually get eyes on your website.


But even more than that, that’s like a side-note, more than that the thing is, is that most people, the first time that they come to your website are not going to  be ready to take a big leap into working with you. And I see a lot of times that people make the mistake of the only call-to-action that they have on the website, the only thing that they’re encouraging people to do is “Contact me”, “Book an appointment.”


But, the thing is, only % of the people are goingto be ready, that first time that they come to your site to take that step.


I mean think about your own experience if you’ve ever, you know, been looking for someone to  work long-term with. Like a Nutritionist, or a Personal Trainer Or a Physician, or even a Photographer for a special event. You don’t just do Google search, find a website, say, “Yeah, they look pretty good,” and jump on it, right?


You’ll probably look at several sites. You’ll want to think about it, you’ll come back to it later.

Most people are going to be in that category of people who are not going to be ready to commit

to me kind of a big step forward within their first visit. The crucial thing, and in me ways one of the – the most important things that’s on your website – is a way for you to not lose touch with those people after their initial visit.

Because the thing is even if a person has a positive experience on your website if they then, leave your website, and they  don’t take any action to create a connection with you, then, a lot of times you’re just gonna lose that person in to the sea of the internet. And they won’t come back to you even if they liked what they saw, they’ll forget.


 That’s why we create something called: A Lead Magnet.


And I know me people have negative connotations with the Lead Magnet because

it has a sales origin. But we want to set that aside. Because a Lead Magnet, and this is one of the things we’re to talk about today. It can really be anything that you want it to be


And again, it’s not about making a sale, it’s about establishing a connection, and really it’s about building trust. It’s about getting an opportunity to continue contact with that person over a period of time and during that time, giving you the chance to take multiple actions to show the person that you’re someone who is trustworthy. Someone who they like and someone who that they want to work with.


What is a Lead Magnet?


A Lead Magnet is something free which you give to a person on your website and return

for them giving you their e-mail address. Then, you’re able to take that person’s e-mail address

and continue to contact them through your e-mail list and they’re able to take the piece of free content that you provided to them and benefit from it. It’s a chance for you to introduce yourself

over a series of e-mails. It’s an opportunity for you to build trust and it’s also a way for you to really show that you’re an expert in your field.


That you have knowledge and experience that this person would really benefit from.


That’s kind of the basics of a lead magnet but, I do want to be very honest and give a little bit of

I don’t know, you might want to call it tough love, and say this.  your Lead Magnet can’t be lousy. And the problem is that I would say, about 80% of the Lead Magnets that are on websites right now are terrible. They’re just awful. And if you watch “How-To-Videos” where they talk about Lead Magnets, they’ll say “oh, you know, it can be anything, it can be a cheat-sheet, it can be, you know, one-page illustration.” And it’s just not true. It’s just not true. You really have to invest

some time in creating a high quality Lead Magnet. I mean think about this – think about this.


You’re trying to establish trust. You say to this person who’s visiting you website,  “Hey, you know, I’ve got this great thing. It’s free. Give me your e-mail address. I’ll keep in touch with you.

I’ll send it to you and then we can continue to talk.” And they say, “Okay, yeah, you know what,

this person looks great. I’m really interested.” They send you your e-mail address and then

if what you send in return is something sloppy, or something very low-quality, it’s that clearly

just isn’t worth anything, you just took that whole positive experience that they had on your website and you threw it in the trash. Because you’ve just shown them, “Oh no! This isn’t a person who I can trust. This is a person who just wants my e-mail address.”


I mean, think about a kid who sees a box of cereal in the grocery store and it’s got a cool picture of a toy on it and he buys it, takes it home, and he opens it up and two minutes late, he’s crying into his cornflakes because the little toy that he was  excited about is just a piece of crap.


We don’t ever want your clients to be that kid crying into his cornflakes.


We want your clients to be wowed and amazed by the stuff that you send them. That they can really see that you know what you’re talking about and that you want what’s good for them. You want to provide them with good things, whether or not they end up being your client and that is really, really important. And if you do that, if you create a Lead Magnet that is truly high-quality, you are gonna right away, set yourself above almost everyone else who’s out there today.


Now,  I want to talk about this because I don’t want to say, “You’ve got to do something awesome!” and then like leave you to figure that out. And  I’m going to give you one piece of advice and then I’m going to give you several examples that you can really run with and you can use anyone or more than one or whatever


The first piece of advice that I want to give you is that your Lead Magnet should be more than one medium, it should be in at least two mediums. By that I mean you want to do something written and then something visual like a video or photos or me illustrations


Or you want to do something written and something audio, that a person can download and listen to. You want to be interacting with the person in more than one way. And if you can use the opportunity to let the person see your face, or let the person hear your voice that is already establishing a personal a personal connection.


It’s making you into a real person who your potential client can have an emotional connection with, can feel like they know who you are. What your personality is like a little bit, and that really more than anything else is what’s going to help establish the trust that you need to create in

order for them to feel ready to become your patient.


 Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of what a possible Lead Magnet might be for you. But, if we want to think about something that might be relevant to you as a therapist, you know, if you are for example a Mental Health Therapist, you could think about things like a guided meditation.

You could think about something like a series of positive affirmations. These are things that again could be both either audio or written or video and written. Or if for whatever rean you feel like audio and video are too hard. You could al do just really beautiful illustrations or pictures that you can get to make like a nice PDF of these different activities and different affirmations that you want to provide. If you’re a nutritionist, you could create a workbook for meone to record what they’re eating or to record different things like related to their everyday activity and their food. And a workbook is great because first of all it’s not actually that much content. You can put together a PDF or a workbook that someone could print out and it’s really not that much for you to put together. But it’s something interactive. It’s something they’re going to be carrying around. They’re going to be writing in it. They’re going to be able to really – It’s going to get their thought process started.


And really a workbook is something that almost any type of Therapist could create. And it would be something – that would be very beneficial. And again, it would show the benefit the person will experience benefit just from working through that workbook. And at the end of the workbook right?

Or at the end of whatever your Lead Magnet is, the most important part is then at the end you say, “And if you want to continue this experience – if you want to continue this journey – if you want to continue to see improvement in your lifeplease contant me. I can’t wait to work with you.”


 I want to keep going through me more examples because I really really want to leave you with me concrete excitement and ideas. This doesn’t have to be heard. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming, it just has to be good, right?


Another possibility to be explaining me kind of a new morning routine, right? And there would be several steps and you could explain like these are the changes you can make in your morning routine to help you have a good day.


You could have Anger Management Techniques. You could explain different ways to contain anger.


Also, a really great idea would be to have a journaling challenge. Journaling is an incredible activity. It’s something interactive. It’s something that you could do – let’s say you had a five-day journaling challenge. For five days, the person is going to journal. Everyday, they’re going to get ane-mail from you with  journaling prompts. And maybe a short video, not everyday but me of those days from you talking about how excited you are that they’re doing this challenge, sharing an experience that you’ve had in your personal life where you’ve journaled and it’s been powerful for you.


You could do the same thing with meditation. You could have a five-day meditation challenge, right? Or you could have a Five-Day positive affirmation challenge.


All of these are, you know, really powerful, really interactive, and these are just examples you know yourself and the services you provide best and you really can think about this and come up, you know, brainstorm and come up with me different ideas if you need help, you can always hit reply to this e-mail and talk to me about it. I really want to help you make sure that you

come up with something that you’re really excited about.


And if you’re totally stuck, one suggestion that I do have if you’re specifically

 – If you’re mental health, is there’s a YouTube channel by therapist her name is Kati Morton. It’s K-A-T-I M-O-R-T-O-N. And she does a series of YouTube videos that are directed towards

patients. Where she talks about misconceptions about mental health. And all kinds of different things. She has hundreds of YouTube videos. And they’re all fantastic. And if you even just scroll through her channel and look at the topics that she’s addressed, it will help to give you an idea

of things that people are interested in. Things that people are looking for information that people need. You can even look and see which videos have high view rates. I mean all of her videos have a ton of views but which ones are the highest.And it would help give you a feel for what are people hungry for.


What’s something that you could talk to them about that they would find really empowering, really helpful to talk about.


I also want to talk about one more issue. Which is that as you’re hearing me talk about this, you’re probably starting to ask yourself  a certain question and if you haven’t already, it’ll probable come up as you start actually working on your Lead Magnet which is the fearWhich I think is completely normal and absolutely natural: “What if I create this Lead Magnet?  It’s really an expression of myself,  it’s an expression of, you know, the way that I interact with my patients. It’s an expression of who I am. And then it actually turns out that me people don’t like it??”


Maybe some people have a negative reaction to it. I send out, you know, a Five-Day Meditation Challenge and some of the people I send it to are like, “Meditation is stupid. I don’t want to do that. I’m not gonna work with this person.”


I guess I have a two-part response to that possibility. As long as you do a good job with your Lead Magnet and I really is an expression of who you are and the services that you provide,  then number one Yes, some people are not going to like it.


And number two That is completely fine and in fact, it is a good thing. And the reality that really we all know is that, not everyone is the right match for us, right?


Not every person in the world is going to be the right patient or client for you. And that’s fine and we want to find the people who are the right clients for us. We want to find the people who are going to benefit from what you provide and who want what is unique in what you can provide.


And it is okay, and in fact better both for you and for the person if they are able to decide that early on, right? You don’t want people who don’t find the kinds of approaches and the kind of attitude you have towards treatment to come to you and be frustrated. And it’s going to be frustrating for you also.


You want to find the right clients. These are not negatives. They’re just part of experiencing

the reality that not everyone is going to work with you.


But that’s fine because there are a lot of people in the world. And there are plenty of people out there and me of them are looking for exactly what you can provide. And creating a really strong, really powerful Lead Magnet is one of the best ways to find those people.

 I really hope that this has been helpful. I hope it’s been inspiring, rather than intimidating.

And if you find that you’re overwhelmed or if you need me help coming up with more ideas, please just hit “reply” to this e-mail. I’d love to talk to you about it. I know you’re going to do a great job. I’d al love to hear what ideas you come up with and what approaches you end up taking.

Again please be in touch and let me know where you’re at and what you’re working on.

And we’ve got one more video to go  hopefully that’ll come to you on. And I’ll see you then. Okay. Thanks  much. Bye!