CASE STUDY:  Exceptional Educational Solutions
Exceptional Educational Solutions is a Silver Spring based business which provides consulting and advocacy to the families of out-of-the-box learners. The business sought a website that could capture the hopeful, upbeat nature of their work, while effectively communicating their diverse service offerings.
It was important for the website design to clearly define the businesses brand while connecting with parents, offer easy navigation between the many service options, and foster engagement, interaction, and involvement with potential clients.


What We Did

Website Layout

We designed a layout that broke down the services and made it easy for each visitor to zero in on the information that was most useful to them.

Content Strategy

We created a tone that was both colorful and hopeful, to remain consistent with the company’s mission and brand.

Mobile Responsive

We ensured that all pages would be equally user friendly no matter what device visitors used to visit the site.


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