CASE STUDY: Cassandra Sharp, DPT
Cassandra Sharp, DPT, needed a website that would showcase the many services she offered to her clients, without confusing them or overwhelming them with options. She also wanted to share her passion of travel, in a way that wouldn’t distract from the main focus of her site .
We wanted to create a look that expressed Cassandra’s commitment to wholistic health, and inter-wove her love of travel and the outdoors with her passion for wellness. We also wanted to make sure that, no matter which service an individual was looking for, they would be able to easily navigate to the relevant sections of the site.
What We Did

Website Layout

We designed a layout that included icons that broke the available services down into three main sections, and included explanations of what each type of service would include.

Content Strategy

We focused on the main services that Cassandra offers, and created a gallery for her travel photos as part of her blog.


We ensured that all the images, colors and fonts used reflected the restful and wholistic tone that the client wanted to create.

Located in Silver Spring, Maryland


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